dining policies

General Guidance

Covid 19 Policy

Sagamore Yacht Club is committed to protecting the health and safety of our membership, member-guests, and staff at all times. Our policies are developed and routinely evaluated in compliance with all state and local guidance.

Effective February 1, 2022, Sagamore Yacht Club no longer maintains a mask or vaccination policy.

Pursuant to the state of New York’s most recent guidance, members, guests, and staff are not required to provide proof of vaccination or wear a mask indoors while visiting Sagamore Yacht Club.

Any and all questions, comments, or concerns regarding our COVID-19 policies can be directed to: hospitality@sagamoreyc.com.


All members and guests of Sagamore Yacht Club are expected to dress in proper seasonal attire when visiting our club.

It is expected and preferred that all members and guests who visit Sagamore, out respect of their fellow members and member guests, observe a casual, seasonally appropriate attire whenever possible.

Family Dining

Sagamore Yacht Club promotes a family-friendly environment for all members and guests.

Members and guests of Sagamore Yacht Club are warmly invited to dine with their families year-round; however, we kindly and respectfully ask that members monitor their young ones when visiting the club.

Exclusive Family dining and family-centered events are offered on Friday evenings (year-round).

Please indicate “family dining” on your reservation.


Sagamore Yacht Club permits pets outdoors and on our club floats; however, pets are not permitted inside the club house at any time.

Members and guests of Sagamore Yacht Club are invited to bring their pets down to the club; however, we respectfully ask that members keep their pets restricted to our outdoor facilities. 

Members are kindly asked to keep their pets leashed and at their side at all times. 

When on the launch or floats, your pet is to be leashed and in your control at all times.

While not required, members who bring their animals to and from their boats should take it upon themselves to invest in adequate safety equipment for their animals, including PFD type harnesses.

The club reserves the right to restrict any member’s pet who displays an aggressive and dangerous disposition. 

Service/support animals are permitted with prior consent from the Board of Trustees, please contact: secretary@sagamoreyc.com.