Fishing and Complete Anglers at Sagamore Yacht Club

75+ Years of Sportsmanship and Conservation

Sagamore is a great place for fisherman and their families.  Some of the fishing amenities we have here at SYC include a large oversized filet station for those big catches of the day, a digital weight station and a choice of crushed or block ice on site.  Boaters have full use of the docks for washing down your boat and any other needs after a long day fishing on the water.  Another club perk is your catch of the day can be prepared by our onsite renowned chef, just to your liking.

We proudly host our annual Striped Bass Tournament, each year it grows bigger and better.  The Tournament is open to surrounding Fishing Clubs and guests.  We also host an annual Snapper Derby July for the kids with prizes and a BBQ party. This year we plan to add a Fluke Tournament, which a lot of fishing members are looking forward to.  Sagamore is a family friendly club with full access to members.  If you are an angler with a boat and are looking for more than just a dock, then Sagamore is a great place for you.

Located in the heart of Oyster Bay Harbor, surrounded by one of the healthiest estuaries on the North Shore of Long Island.  These areas include Oyster Bay, West Harbor, Cold Spring Harbor and the Western Long Island Sound.

Spring Fishing begins in April when the winter flounder come out of hibernation and start to feed in the shallow bays.  Late April and early May, Striped Bass start to inundate our local water and kick off the spring migration. This is the best chance to target that trophy fish.  Bluefish start to make a showing in the surrounding waters as well.  Mid-May Fluke and Jumbo Porgys start filling in.  Porgies can be found on most, if not all rockpiles in the surrounding waters.  Fluke will be on the shallower ledges and channels earlier in the season and move to the deeper holes and ledges as the season transitions into summer.

Summer months are plentiful with all fish species and can really make for a great day on the water with your family.  Large Stiped Bass are still feeding on bunker and Sea Bass will start to show up in numbers.  You will find Sea Bass in the same structure that you target the Porgies.

Late Summer and into early fall make for the most exciting time of the year to be an angler in our local area.  The fish sense the colder months are coming and the days are getting shorter, the fish begin to start feeding on the surface and make for some great top water action.  The best time for this is typically first light and last light, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find them during the day, if you know where to look.

Crisp Fall months is when the False Albacore will make their way into the Western Long Island Sound. These by far are the best light tackle fish to catch. The power and speed can’t be matched by any other local fish. We have a short window to look for these fish.  Mid-October when our local waters start cooling down fisherman will start to target Blackfish.  Early in the season you can find them in the shallow rockpiles, but as the waters get cooler and the season gets later, they start to make their way onto the deeper wrecks and structure.  October into November as the seasons winding down the bass are bulking up and feeding on the local bait with large boils all throughout our waters. It’s spectacular to witness. This is typically the last we’ll see them as they begin to migrate back down to the Chesapeake Bay and into the Hudson River where they will spend their winter to return in the spring.